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What do you hear in the silence?


I took out my headphones a few minutes into my run this morning and just listened. Not to music, not to a book, but to the quiet.

Listening to quiet is a lost art form, isn’t it? Most of us can’t handle it because it forces us to deal with our own thoughts, our own alone-ness, and, well, most of the time we would rather ignore all that and instead stuff ourselves with other voices.

But you know what I discovered? It wasn’t really quiet. There were crazy energetic squirrels and weird insects and obnoxiously loud frogs. There were birds singing their “spring is here” tunes and the wind rustling the branches that are just waking up from their winter sleep.

There were the intrusive thoughts that I sometimes try to ignore as well as the desire to be distracted by an audio book so I could forget the ache in my lungs, but there wasn’t loneliness. There was God—in every note of creation’s song.

I dare you to listen for Him today.


2 comments on “What do you hear in the silence?

  1. 1alien says:

    What a beautiful reminder. It’s so easy to distract ourselves, rather than listening to the Lord’s orchestra. Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Thank you for taking the time to write–such an encouragement.

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