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There aren’t many things that get me more excited than a warm patch of sunshine, a steaming cup of coffee, my Bible and journal. Especially if that journal is new.
A journal contains fresh, clean and crisp pages just waiting to catch your most treasured thoughts, prayers and reflections as they pour out of your heart through your pen.
My journal isn’t a diary or even a collection of thoughts about my day (though it does hold that); it’s mostly a prayer journal and a way to process what God is teaching me. A place to write down Scripture, Bible study notes, sermon notes, doodle, and most importantly worship through pen and paper.
It’s a small sanctuary I can hold in my lap.
It’s a vehicle that drives me to Christ.
It’s a mirror that exposes my heart.
It’s a pair of glasses that helps me see Jesus more.

invitation to write

Because I am such a fan of journaling, I took some photos of my journals hoping to inspire you to dive into your own journal and write to God. Bare your soul to Him, He knows it anyway but I’m convinced you’ll learn more than you can imagine through just the simple process of writing it out.
And even if you just use your journal to write Scriptures or quotes that stand out to you, what an awesome way to (literally) write them on your heart. However, if you decide to write out your prayers or prayer requests, you get the sweet gift of looking back and seeing how God specifically and strategically answered your prayers. And who knows who might read your journal years and years down the road and be inspired, challenged and encouraged by what God taught you.
Some people say they don’t have time to journal. Okay, then don’t write a novel. Maybe just summarize what God showed you that day in a sentence. It is always an encouragement to look back and read previous entries and see that God is not absent in our lives even when He feels silent.

2 comments on “Journaling

  1. abigailjoy31 says:

    I love journaling too! It really helps me see tangibly how good God has been to me throughout my life! 😀

    Peace & Blessings,

    Abigail Joy Wieser

    1. Yes! Love that. It’s such a gift, Abigail!

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