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Monday Morning Munch No. 118 – A.W. Tozer to Preachers


Let me be clear: I’m not a preacher. And I would venture to say the majority of people who might read this blog are not preachers either.

With that said, I still want to share this quote by one of my faves, A.W. Tozer, because this quote, although directed to pastors, is applicable to all of us in our pursuit of God. (For those of you who are familiar with Tozer and his writings, did you see what I did just there? Pursuit of God. Ahem. Anyway.)

Check it out:

“I think it would be a wonderful thing if every preacher in America would begin to preach about God and nothing else for one solid year. Just one solid year to preach about God. Who He is, His attributes, His perfections, His being, the kind of God He is, why we dare to trust Him, why we can trust Him, why we should trust Him, why we can love Him, why we should love Him, why we dare not fall short. And keep on preaching on God, the triune God, and keep on until God fills the whole horizon and the whole world. Faith would spring up like grass by the watercourses. Then let a man get up and preach a promise and the whole congregation would say, ‘I can trust that promise; look who made it.’”

We have to know God. Do we really know this One to whom we have pledged our lives? Our first inclination would most likely be to rush and answer, “Yes, of course.” But if we still struggle with trusting Him explicitly, even—especially—when times are hard and the way is unclear, we still think much too highly of ourselves and don’t fully know Him.

To see Him is to know Him,
To know Him is to love Him,
To love Him is to trust Him,
To trust Him is to love Him (worth repeating and saying one leads to the other)
and to love Him is to want to know Him more.

To summarize Tozer’s point:

He is God and He is good. Know Him and you’ll trust the promises He makes.

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