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Monday Morning Munch No. 56 – Deep Calls to Deep

deep calls to deep


Charles Spurgeon’s sermon “Deep Calls Unto Deep,” delivered April 11, 1869, addresses verse seven and helped me see what this passage was talking about (because I had no clue).

There is rich, rich truth in this message (it’s Spurg, of course there is rich truth) and my heart felt led to share a few key paragraphs with whoever may read this, hoping its truth would encourage your heart in whatever trial or “deep” you may find yourself.

The opening of the sermon speaks of creation and how the splendor of the two firmaments (deep and deep), hold fellowship with one another. He then shares how this verse is from David when he was in exile from his throne and country and filled with despondency and sad forebodings.

“At the same time his heart sank within him, for the deep outside called to the deep within.

Externally and internally, rest was removed far from him. Outside were fights, within were fears; deep called unto deep at the noise of God’s waterspouts—all the waves and billows of God’s Providence had gone over him.

Do not wish that you could be the obscurest of all the saints, to find some quiet nook in which you might be left alone to rest in forgetfulness! Rather let me remind you that if in your experience there is a deep of extraordinary trial, there is most surely another deep answering to it. Open now your ears and your hearts to hear the calling of this deep unto its brother deep. Listen while I translate the echoes of the Truth of God.

Inasmuch as you have many trials, remember the depth of the Divine Faithfulness.

May we always remember.

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