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Books and coffee, blogs and tea

…these are a few of my favorite things.

And the exceptional ones have to be shared, as is the case with the following blogs. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and fix your eyes on words that will push you to the cross, exercise your mind and make you fall in love with Jesus more.

Dying Well: One Woman’s Extraordinary Story by Tony Reinke

Margaret Magdalen Jasper (1752–1789) doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. Google her name and you’ll find almost nothing about her life. What she looked like is a mystery. She wasn’t famous in her day, and she’s still not famous in our day. Her ordinary life was filled with disappointments, the kind of life history tends to forget.

But her story is worth telling.

Nothing Between by Mariah Fowler

God could give me all I have ever dreamed, hoped or asked for- He is not limited. However, He is choosing to wait, to refine, to strip all away, so that I may know HIM and ONLY HIM.

The Waste of Waiting for a Man by Amanda Cassanova

I just wanted someone to pick me. I felt like the awkward teenager at the school dance nervously crossing and uncrossing my legs on the sidelines— only I wasn’t a teenager. I was in college, and I was tired of being single.

Marc5Solas is a Meany Pants by Marc5Solas

I received a comment recently which I think deserves an honest response.  While I’m using this particular comment, it’s not to single this reader out. I get this comment (or one much like it) on a daily basis.  I’d like to use this opportunity to respond.

How a Biblical Worldview Shapes the Way We Teach Our Children by Timothy Paul Jones

Viewed from the vantage of creation and fall, children are both gifts to be treasured and sinners to be trained.

Matt and Lauren Chandler on Stability amid Difficulty by Matt Smethurst

On Thanksgiving morning 2009, Matt Chandler got out of bed, poured his coffee, fed his daughter, and collapsed. Doctors would discover a malignant brain tumor, launching a scary season of suffering for him and his wife, Lauren. The couple recently sat down with Mark Mellinger to discuss what they’ve learned, how they’ve grown, and how they prioritize their time.

One comment on “Books and coffee, blogs and tea

  1. Who ACTUALLY drinks tea?????

    (: Love you

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