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Monday Morning Munch No. 46 – Wheat, Weeds and a call to Prayer


Matthew 13:24-30 is doing a work in my heart.

It’s the parable of the weeds, where the master sows good seed but the enemy comes in and sows weeds in with the good seed.

What struck me this time is the footnote in my Bible that said the weed was most likely darnel, a wheat-like weed. The weeds look just like the real thing with only some minor differences. 

This is doing a work in my heart because I can see two things so far in this passage.

1. The enemy can sow a false gospel that looks almost identical to the real thing but when examined closely the differences appear and can then be seen as glaring.

2. Christians can be deceived. We can be confused and led astray by lies mixed with truth. Churches can be filled with wheat-like weeds. 

We must be careful to never compromise the truth and to take great measure to examine what we hear in churches against the Word to see if it lines up.

Don’t take the truth for granted. It’s far too serious.

This scary sad eye-opening sobering reality is that the Master allows the weeds and wheat to grow together until harvest, where their differences will be on full display and one will be gathered and burned and one will be gathered into the Master’s barn. (Jesus explains this further in Matt. 13:36-43.)

In farming or gardening I realize there is no such thing as a weed suddenly becoming wheat, but with God, that’s what He does. He changes the nature of weeds, once corrupting and nutrient-stealing, and makes them into prized wheat that will see the inner courts of His vast and wonderful “barn”.

Oh, for more wheat. That’s what I’m praying. Will you join me?

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