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Oh deer

deer attack sin life lessonI hit a deer.

Well, actually, a deer hit me.

It was about 1:30 Friday morning when I was driving home from covering a basketball game and saw a deer cross the road and noticed another one on the other side. I slowed to almost a complete stop and honked several times so the deer would run the other way.

But, instead of taking the hint and running away from the sound and bright lights, the deer turned and barreled into the front/side of the car. What a goober.

This was my first run in (literally) with a deer and it shook me up a little, evidenced in the way I was hypersensitive to everything that could be a deer on the way home.

Overly cautious doesn’t really describe my driving from that point on.

I thought everything was a deer.

I braked for some weeds.

I braked for a few mailboxes.

I braked for a bunny (so ferocious).

But, it made me think…

What if I approached my sin the way I approached the rest of the drive home that night?

I’ve experienced the destructive power and horrible repercussions of sin (much worse and more dangerous than deer) yet still choose sin at times.

How much different would my life and relationships (with the Lord and others) look if I treated sin or the potential of sin as sensitively as I did the potential of deer that night?

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