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Everyone said it would be the best day of my life and I openly defied them for months.

But then the day came and, like C. S. Lewis, I was surprised by joy.

From the first second to the last, our wedding day was the nearest to heaven I’ve ever been. It was filled with the deepest grace, inexpressible kindness, selfless community, and beautiful worship I’ve ever known. 

Contrary to stereotypes, I was not the girl who planned her wedding from childhood. In fact, I didn’t plan on getting married at all. Drew Miller was a divine plot twist that continues to leave me in awe of the Author. Even upon engagement, I was more excited about our future marriage and ministry together than the fleeting hours of a wedding. Thus, expectations remained low for the actual day; another gift, since a global pandemic was approaching.

COVID-19 meant our four-month engagement was spent planning two weddings: the best-case scenario and the COVID-might-mean-only-10-people-can-be-there scenario. Even up to the week of the wedding, we weren’t sure what new mandates would be in place or how we would need to adjust. In the end, the Lord allowed us to implement the best-case scenario and it was a joy-explosion from start to finish. The day was a magnification of mercy without a single disappointment. From waking up before 5 a.m. to spend time with the Lord and my best friends to getting ready and going to the most beautiful park for photos to hanging out at the church before the 11:30 a.m. ceremony, it was tangible joy.

First look with my sweet dad.

As my dad walked me down the aisle, he looked at me through tears and whispered, “Look around. Look at all these people. They’re all here because they love you and Drew. Soak all this in. Feel God’s love for you.”

And feel it we did. 

We felt it as we looked around to see almost all our favorite people from so many different states and significant parts of our stories all together in one room. People who selflessly loved and served us throughout the years, pointing us to Christ, giving us grace and counsel, and sacrificially fighting for our joy. 

We felt it as Drew’s best friend preached and shared the gospel we were illustrating. We felt it as God’s unearned kindness and undeniable providence answered every prayer for the day in Ephesians 3:20 fashion––exceedingly abundantly beyond all we could (or did) ask or imagine. We felt it as we exchanged vows and rings and then immediately sang Jesus is Better because it’s our song eternal and He has made our hearts believe. We felt it as we ate, hugged, laughed, cried, and rejoiced at the wonder of God’s storytelling abilities. 

It was a foretaste of eternity, where we will one day gather with all our favorite people (some we don’t even know yet), to eat and laugh and celebrate our true and better Groom in our true and better wedding that will go on forever.

As Susannah Spurgeon said, “Yes, I truly have reason to bless the Lord for abundant supplies; His treasury has been wide open to me, His riches have constantly outweighed my necessities. He has multiplied His mercies above all my desires.” 

This is  my story. 

July 18, 2020. Everyone said it would be the best day of my life and they were right.

More photos:

2 comments on “The One Where We Get Married: Our Wedding Day

  1. Rachel says:

    Ahhhh! Congratulations friend. Your wedding day looked simply perfect and so beautiful. I loved the photos and your brunch theme! Super creative.

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