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This season is sobering and surreal.

With all the crazy happenings in the world with COVID-19 and all it encompasses, there have been so many articles and things published about every aspect of life. It is serious and heavy and hard and painful and displacing and brutal.

In the midst of the heaviness, it has been a treat to read the lighthearted memes and to see in fuller display the hilarity and beauty of our fellow humans.

It’s crazy how the deepest pain and the deepest grace can coexist. Perhaps it proves we cannot truly know the depths of grace and joy without first tasting the depths of pain.

Anyway. Here are some of the things I’m enjoying most right now:



Though a big summer wedding seems like a distant dream right now, it is such a gift to do life with Drew. He is the deepest expression of Christ’s love to me and the biggest gift of grace. He is absolutely the best friend I’ve ever had and I will forever cherish the gift of this season that has brought extended with him.

If you want to read our crazy story, you can check out our wedding website here.


Related to the above, registering for gifts is AN ABSOLUTE BLAST. We laughed and squealed (okay, that was just me) and dreamed together while registering and it was so much fun. I do, however, lament the fact that Trader Joe’s does not have a registry option.


our rug

This rug is undoubtedly one of the best parts of our new home. It was Drew’s idea. We had the words custom made onto the rug and then I painted Calvin. I’m obsessed.

Within a few weeks, we got engaged and bought our first home and I am just giddy about it all. Again, I treasure this time of making this house our home and sitting on the front porch reading or taking walks around the neighborhood, meeting our neighbors (at a dreadful distance) and praying for the homes and families around us. We cannot wait to fling our doors open and have all the people come eat all the food when COVID-19 is finally done.


nancy guthrie lent book.jpg

We read this in preparation for Easter and it was wonderful in every way. Comprised of 25 short readings from multiple authors, it is packed with truth that will nourish your soul and fix your gaze on what matters. Though intended for lent readings, I recommend it for any time of any year. Read it.



Hands down my favorite podcast. I’ve listened since the beginning and am eagerly awaiting future episodes. I’m so grateful for Dr. York and this ministry that has encouraged, strengthened, and helped my heart so much, while causing me to love Jesus and His church more. THIS PODCAST IS A GIFT, I TELL YOU. (And the hour-long episode with Al and Mary Mohler is worth it’s weight in gold. My favorite episode of any podcast ever.)



Messages Image(3039956184).jpeg

You guys. I have never owned a vacuum before (even when I had my own house, I borrowed my sister’s vacuum because—hello—they are a million and a half dollars?!?) and Drew brought this glorious instrument into the relationship and OH MY WORD. It is miraculous.

The link is to the exact one we have, however, there are newer models that boast of an even longer battery life and more suction. This one serves us splendidly. It is a gift.



These caught my eye at Walmart before the Coronovirus madness and impulsively bought them. SUCH A GOOD DECISION. These are so, so good.



Like thousands of others, I’ve been baking and cooking my heart out the last couple weeks and it has been blissful. Last week, Drew requested homemade oatmeal cream pies, so we whipped these bad boys up and they are DELIGHTFUL IN EVERY WAY. So easy and so yummy. Try them!


moving art.png

Historically, Drew and I don’t watch TV or movies, but with the quarantine situation, we’ve got the Netflix trial and started watching this and I am just in awe of it. It’s so beautiful.


susannah on charles after his death.jpeg

I would love to hear what your favorite things are right now! 

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