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I love questions.

Asking them, being asked, reading them—I love them all. That’s partially why I became a journalist; I could get paid to ask questions and learn. Hashtag what dreams are made of.

This morning kicked off summer classes with my high school and college discipleship group and we began by answering these six questions. They were challenging, exposing, and fun for us. Maybe they might be fun and beneficial for you?


Six Questions to Start the Summer

  1. How would you describe your relationship with God right now? Are you a skeptic, admire, follower, indifferent? Why?
  2. How would you like to see it change, grow, or develop?
  3. What is your life objective?
  4. If you died today, how would people remember you?
  5. What is God’s calling for your life?
  6. What are your goals for the summer?
    • Spiritually
    • Emotionally
    • Physically
    • Academically
    • Recreationally
    • Overall

“Our standing with God as forgiven and righteous is the ground of our striving, not the goal of our striving.” -John Piper

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