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Blog titles are hard. Here are some photos from Romania


Have I said how much I love Romania? 

Oh, right, of course I have. Well, it’s worth repeating. It’s just so beautiful here and the people are so lovely and the architecture and parks and, well, everything, charges my heart with wonder and awe. Is that cheesy? I don’t care.




How adorable are these cuties? They give me all the feels.


On Sunday night after church us “kids” walked around, got some ice cream, and sat in the gazebo (below) and talked. I love them and this view.



Sweet baby Estera + me.


The only group photo we have (so far). The boys were having a serious discussion about religion and church cultures and us girls were being, um, a little less serious.


The First Baptist Church in Ungheni, Moldova.


I found my people in Moldova. If you love journaling, raise your pens.


Lilacs for my mom (her favorite flower).



One of my favorite restaurants in Iasi. Yay for burgers in a really cool and trendy atmosphere.


But really, how can you not love this?


I love these babies (and their parents).


Romanian coffee shop.


On Thursday night I had the honor of attending an English Club established and ran by Cru for the purpose of teaching English to university students as a means of sharing the Gospel. This was one of my all time favorite things, if not the favorite thing, I’ve ever done in Romania. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to go and lead a group and to meet all these beautiful people (and others not pictured). Pray for this ministry and for the students to find the answer to all their questions.


Love this girl.


Romanian markets make my heart flutter.



(Here are blogs [one, two, three, four, five, six] about the work we’re doing in Eastern Europe.)


2 comments on “Blog titles are hard. Here are some photos from Romania

  1. Elle says:

    It’s one of my dreams to travel to Eastern Europe! I think it’s just so enchanting! Thanks for sharing !

    1. Oh my goodness, Elle, you have to go! It’s so beautiful and the people moreso!

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