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Without Wax


According to folk history, merchants who sold cheap pottery would fill in the imperfections and cracks with wax in order to give the appearance that the piece was worth more than it actually was.

When holding this pottery up to light, a person could easily observe the coverup, because the light would shine through the areas where the wax had been placed, revealing the cracks. Authentic, quality pieces were often stamped with the phrase “sine cera” or “without wax.” Christians are to live without wax, genuine and sincere in our actions toward one another. -Dustin Willis, Life in Community

(Approximately 30 seconds after I posted the above photo to Instagram this morning, I spilled the coffee. Just keeping things sincere.)

As we strive for authenticity within ourselves and community, remember what John Piper said,

“Love doesn’t put up artificial fronts.
Love does not dwell on the flaws of others.
Love does not crave the praise of men.
And love does not act religious to hide sin.”

Dustin Willis continued in Life in Community,

“Outsiders who come into community do not need to experience a group that seems perfect, but rather a community where grace abounds. […] God demonstrates love to us so we demonstrate love to others. The messiness of honesty allows us to paint a picture of the way God loves His church.”

Here’s to getting messy with each other as we paint with shades of grace, honesty and love without wax.

2 comments on “Without Wax

  1. Kim W. says:

    Just a few weeks ago I heard Roger Palmer speak about “without wax.” I had never heard that before! Such an awesome visual to remind of how to live.

    1. Yes! Such a good visual!

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