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Coffee Break: Corrie ten Boom


Time for a coffee break.

Take your coffee with a side of good reading, why don’t you? In these random coffee break blogs you’ll find some quotes, links to other blogs, or Q&As with different people. Here’s a quote from one of my favorite people, Corrie ten Boom.

Many persons make the mistake of thinking they can measure the certainty of their salvation by their feelings. It is the Word of God that is their foundation and therefore it is essential for the new convert in Christ to have a practical knowledge of the Bible. More than anyone else it is the new convert who will come under the fire of the enemy. He needs the knowledge of the Sword of the Spirit. As the Lord Jesus used this sword to overcome the evil one in His temptation experiences, so we must learn to defend ourselves against every sort of attack.

–Corrie ten Boom, Tramp for the Lord

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