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Buzzfeed, Words and Gospel Community


I have a love/hate relationship with Buzzfeed.

You know what I mean? On the one hand they have revolutionized time-wasting on the internet with ridiculously fun quizzes, articles and videos. They excel in telling stories with photos and appealing to the part in us that loves to be visually stimulated. I mean, for real though, they recognized that little visual-loving human component and capitalized. Am I right or am I right?

If you go to Buzzfeed, you will *see* the great extent to which they are visually driven. Memes, photos, cute puppies frolicking, screenshots of tumblr posts, short and hilarious videos, bright colors, lists upon lists (be still my Type-A heart) and so many cats.

We are an optically-sensitive generation that loves to take in information through images.

This is also why I hate Buzzfeed.

My journalistic heart that loves words and strengthening the imagination to make its own images through them cannot stand our ever-shortening attention spans that love to be entertained with images instead of sentences and paragraphs.

Have you noticed that social media is primarily a place for sharing links and photos now? I love Instagram but I wonder if seeing a thousand words confined in one image has hurt our ability to slowly process through a thousand actual words?

But this is the world we live in.

We prefer Instagrams over paragraphs, tweets over blogs and videos over documents.

(Somewhere in here is another blog about loving what we can see more than we love the Word of life, but that’ll be for another day.)

All of that to say, here is my attempt to bring some Gospel application in the Buzzfeed layout we all love.

I hope you’re encouraged and pushed toward Christ, the image of the invisible God, through the following photos.

And while you’re at it, share some of them on social media. You know you want to.

For the images, visit the original post here.

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