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Five Words I Never Planned to Say


I’m going to South Asia.

(Since I’m is a compound word does that mean the title of this blog should be “Six words I never planned to say”? Asking for a friend.)

God seared the nations on my heart in 2010 at a Passion conference in Atlanta when I was exposed to the reality of unreached people groups for the first time. Since then He has opened the door for several cross-cultural missions opportunities, including the privilege of working full time for RTM MagazineHowever, I never expected He would send me to Asia.

(P.S. we leave in six weeks. S-I-X. This trip came up pretty quickly but here we are and we’re rolling [flying?] with it.)


Literally. South Asia is a new adventure for me all around and I am so pumped for the incredible opportunity to be involved in a work that He is doing there. I’ll be going as part of a Women’s Mission Immersion Team through the International Mission Board and I am thrilled to go under the leadership of my sweet friend Lori McDaniel.

What will we be doing?

Such a great question, thanks for asking.

Our team will participate in several mission opportunities from discipling national believers to praying for and working in areas where women are exploited. This team also has a component of mission training, where we will be learning tools that we can implement both in the States and overseas.


Check out some of the stats from the specific area to which we’re going in South Asia:

  • Population: Almost 30 million
  • Believers: 0.9%
  • 93% unreached by the Gospel (this means they’re dying and going to an eternal hell and have yet to hear of another option)
  • This specific area is listed in the top 10 countries as THE place to practice modern slavery
  • More than 15,000 women are trafficked from this country to another country ANNUALLY and more than 7,500 children are trafficked domestically
  • Approx. 200,000 girls and women are working in brothels here
  • Even believers don’t always know the signs of trafficking or what to watch for to prevent the trafficking of their own children

I wept the first time I was faced with the reality of those facts. How can we sit back and do nothing? We must go.  We’re commanded to. If we don’t, who will?


As part of this team, I have been encouraged to have partners that stand behind us. There are two opportunities for you if you would like to partner with me on this journey.

  1. Financial Support opportunity – Helping to financially send me overseas is one way to support the trip. It will cost me $2500 on this mission, but I’m certain God has appointed this time for me to go and He will help supply the funds.

 Beyond regular donations, to raise money I’ll be making and selling handlettered canvases as well as doing some photography sessions. Here are a few samples:








If you’re interested in either purchasing a canvas or scheduling a photo session to help raise money for the trip, please let me know!

  1. Prayer Support opportunity – The second way we need support is through prayer. Vance Pitman says, “We don’t pray before we work, prayer is the work and then God works.” Paul asked the church in Colossae to “pray for us that doors would open to share the mystery of the Gospel” (Col. 4:3). That’s what I’m asking you to do. We’ve been encouraged by the IMB to have at least 10 partners sending us out through prayer daily while we are in South Asia. With our team of seven, that means at least 70 people would be part of our prayer team. If you choose to partner in prayer, just send me a note with your email address so I can include you on team updates and prayer needs.

The country we are going to full of millions of people who practice Hinduism and Buddhism. Our task is huge, but our God is bigger. Thank you for considering how you may be a partner of support in a work that God is doing. Together we can join God in wrapping His arms around the nations.

“The church of God does not have a mission in the world.
The God of mission has a church in the world.”
-Christopher Wright

4 comments on “Five Words I Never Planned to Say

  1. Do you have any canvases already made up? Are there pics somewhere?

  2. By the way, how awesome that you get to go!!! Praying for you!!

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