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The Master Editor and His Red Pen


Some things have happened in the last couple of weeks that, according to my finite mind, weren’t exactly ideal.

Do you know what I mean?

It’s like you have the script of your life written out so beautifully and you’re bursting with excitement about all the scenes to come and then the Master Editor sweeps in and takes His red pen to virtually every line.

Sometimes the red pen hurts a little more than others.

I had such an editing session with the Lord this week. It was painful in the moment and there are still some consequences to face. I mean, sometimes as you’re writing story lines you get pretty attached to the characters and when the Master Editor cuts them, there is grief. Heartache. Anguish. Mourning. Sometimes lots of it. But ultimately we bow to His proficiency, experience, wisdom and love. He is invested in this story. Why? Because He is not only the Master Editor but the true Author.

He dreamed up the characters and plot and subplot and the overall story. He orchestrates the scene changes and plot twists and, in His flawless expertise, He knows the proper way to end one chapter before moving to another, even if the expected (or desired) closure isn’t necessarily there. He knows how the final pages, the final sentence, will read and He knows what it takes to get His characters there.

He knows what He is doing.

How do I know? Beyond His promises and immaculate track record, I too am a writer. I know an author loves their characters. And the Author of this story—my story, your story, our story—regardless of how the final chapter reads, loves His characters more than anyone could ever comprehend or imagine. He even wrote His Son’s death into the story to save the rebels from His wrath and justice.

His authorial competence, excellence and mastery are such that He should be winning Pulitzers. Instead, He seeks to win our hearts.

Yes, this Author can be trusted. His red pen is good. His writing skills are at the highest level. He’s never written a bad sentence and He won’t start now.

Lord, help me not try to be Your copy editor.

5 comments on “The Master Editor and His Red Pen

  1. margaret says:

    This is so beautiful. “He even wrote His Son’s death into the story to save the rebels from His wrath and justice.” I love how God shows us his love through the story of Jesus’ life. Also, Reminds me of one of my favorite verses… All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be :)) thanks for your posts!!😊

    1. Marge, I love that verse! I hadn’t even thought about that in context with this. I LOVE IT. Thank you!! ❤ Love and miss you so much.

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