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Monday Morning Munch No 116 – So I wrote a poem


For 26 years of my life I’ve been convinced I hated poetry.

Turns out, I was reading the wrong ones and calling the right ones the wrong things. (Did you follow that?) 

I mean, point in case, I love hymns. And what are hymns, really, if not theologically rich poems (often) set to music? Okay now we’re getting somewhere. I can handle that sort of poetry.

There are other poets and styles of poetry I also (really) enjoy but, after being such a staunch poetry-hater, I’m still coming to grips with the fact that I like ANY of them.

Which is why it’s such a big deal that I wrote one. 

Let’s just clarify really quickly that I never intended to write this. I intended to write the first and last stanza (wait, do I say I actually wrote a stanza? Please say no.) and that be the end of it, but all the stuff in between? That was kind of an accident. Don’t ask me to explain.

So, here it is, out here for all to see and for all to judge and hopefully for all to be encouraged by our Great Sovereign.


No matter how high the floods,
how deep the pain,
how wide the span,
how long the rain,

No matter if the hurt continues
to the end of my days
And this mere mortal body they
take to the grave,

No matter if heartbreak seems
to overshadow joy
Or if I never marry
that really nice boy,

No matter if sorrow
collapses to grief
Or my aching soul
travails in the deeps,

Life is not to be lived
according to my will
So no matter what comes,
Take heart,

God is God still.

4 comments on “Monday Morning Munch No 116 – So I wrote a poem

  1. Pretty impressive for a first effort that you didn’t intend to write! I’ll be interested to see what you can do when you really try! Lol. Keep writing. Stephen

    1. Wow, thank you for those sweet words–they really mean a lot! Here’s to more intentional and unintentional writing in the days ahead.

  2. Tammi says:

    I love this! You’ve been hiding a gift, keep on sharing!

    1. Hahaha! You’re too kind! If any other poems every spontaneously burst into my journal, I’ll be sure to share them 🙂

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