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Three Things

1. This Quote:

“Oh, that the eyes of sinners may be speedily opened—that they may see the difference of things, the beauty which is in holiness and the astonishing madness that is in sin.” -Thomas Watson

2. This Magazine


How do In Christ Alone co-authors Keith and Kristyn Getty approach modern hymn writing?
What’s the problem with relevant evangelism?
How did two love letters change an entire country for eternity?
How can you be a “real” mom in a Pinterest world?
How does the sufficiency of the Gospel affect a 22 year old?

The answers to these questions and more can be found in the free January/February RTM Magazine.

3. This Blog

Lore Ferguson’s blog 36 Questions to Love sparked lots of discussion between my bff, Haley, and I last week, and it continues to drift in and out of my thoughts. The two articles within her blog are fascinating, especially for the not yet married.

But by always considering the other person as a candidate for marriage, we base our hopes on a one-dimensional idea of who they are, missing the prism of the whole. We make marriage the ultimate goal and skip the opportunity for personal and ecclesiological sanctification. -Lore Ferguson

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