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Leaving for Africa


Last August Velda left this bracelet and note in my office before she and Paul moved to Zambia to follow Jesus’ command to go and make disciples of all the nations and now, almost a year later, we’re about to be reunited on African soil.

Today is the day.

After more than four years of praying and dreaming and wishing and hoping, today begins the journey for Africa.

When God seared the nations on my heart, showing me that the Great Commission was a personal command for me in 2010, the first place He cemented on my heart was Africa. 

And now I’m going with Real Truth Matters.

I can hardly wrap my mind around this.

We’re going to see and encourage our church’s missionaries Paul and Velda Rikel in Mongu, Zambia and do ministry there as God would lead. There are lots of things scheduled including a youth conference (where I’ll be teaching four sessions), a pastors’ conference, a big conference for local churches, lots of individual meetings, Bro. Michael will be preaching in local churches, and I’ll be interviewing some people for RTM Magazine (including a real life princess).

It’s going to be a full two weeks for sure. May God be pleased to do what only He can.

We’ll be blogging on the RTM blog if you want to stay up to date (probably more up to date than I’ll be on here) with happenings in Africa.

Please join us in prayer for the redemption and edification of the beautiful people of Zambia and that God’s infinite and matchless glory will be over all the earth. 

May His kingdom come.

3 comments on “Leaving for Africa

  1. keijo says:

    SO much we willg ive to God for our life to be his a vessel into be blessing and helping the sinners to find Christ and find too living the water wells with the word of life in Jesus name and be man and woman of God to spread the gospel to the poor and heal them ,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

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