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Admiring True Greatness, Part 2


In the last blog we tried to define true greatness and presented some questions to ask ourselves, kids and youth group, to see if we can see through the hoopla of the celebrity image and into true greatness.

If you haven’t read that blog, you should do that before continuing this one.

True greatness may be closer than you think.

Have you noticed it living under the same roof as you?

In many cases, true greatness is right there in the form of your dad and your mom who serve you. I understand there are some exceptions, perhaps you didn’t have the best childhood or family dynamics, but most of us have parents who love us the best way they know how.

Do we have the eyes to see true greatness?

“Your parents have served you unselfishly and continuously, and are therefore great in God’s eyes. Are they great in yours? You may admire a star athlete or actor/actress but that person does not rank higher than your parents on God’s celebrity list.” -C.J. Mahaney


These are my adorable parents.

Our enthusiasm for parents should exceed enthusiasm for anyone else. There is no one we should admire or respect more.

The biblical command to honor father and mother is, Mahaney said, in essence, a command to recognize true greatness and children are wise to obey it.

To all the daughters and sons, regardless of age—are you recognizing true greatness?

There may come a day when you wish you had.

“In all probability, you’ll one day stand before a casket that bears the lifeless body of your father or mother. That day is coming; it’s inevitable, inescapable. And you’ll know grief that day, as you should—grief is godly, and grief is a gift. But something I do not want you to experience that day is regret—regret over having failed to honor them, knowing that now it’s too late.

“So listen up and wise up and don’t be a fool. Honor true greatness. Honor your father and your mother. Make it your godly ambition that between this moment and that moment when you stand before their lifeless form, you will express your love and appreciation for them in countless creative ways.” -C.J. Mahaney 


(While you’re at it, ask yourself these questions from Humility.)

  • Are your parents great in your eyes?
  • Do you respect and honor them?
  • If you answered ‘yes’, do you respect and honor your parents above your favorite celebrity or athlete?
  • Do your parents already know your deep love and respect?
  • Have they actually heard you express it? If not, ask God to forgive you for your arrogance. Examine your heart and receive His forgiveness and change, by grace, right now. Honor your parents—and feel the pleasure of God.
  • If your children need to hear these things, will you tell them?
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