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Redesigned and Ready for Download: March/April RTM Magazine

MARCHMAGWith so very much excitement, it is our joy to announce the newly redesigned March/April RTM Magazine is now available for download in the Apple iPad Newsstand.

The magazines will no longer require a new app download for each issue, but will be accessible within the magazine app in the Newsstand. If you don’t have an iPad, you can continue downloading the PDF version of the magazine at .

For those unfamiliar with the mag, it has a little something for everyone: a Christian living section, a pastors section, a missions section, and much more. This magazine is designed to equip, encourage, challenge and motivate Christ-followers around the world to a greater pursuit of Jesus Christ, who is the Gospel.

We are so grateful for the Lord’s sovereign hand, grace and provision that has called this publication into being and sustains it He sends it to the nations.

The magazine continues to be downloaded around the world and we ask you to join us in prayer for fruit to come in response to the Word of the Lord for the honor and exaltation of Jesus Christ.



Cockroaches in Uganda.
Prayer in the church.
Gospel for Asia Founder KP Yohannan and his heart for the 10×40 window.
Author and Speaker Mary Kassian and her wisdom for women.
Elisabeth Elliot on reproving and correcting fellow believers.
A massage therapist’s ministry.

These topics and more can be seen in the redesigned March/April RTM Magazine!

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