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Monday Morning Munch No. 70 – He’s going to ask


This weekend I’ve been with brothers and sisters around the world at Cross Con, a student missions conference in Louisville, Ky., and my heart is genuinely overflowing with quotes, lessons and answered prayers that I would like to blog.

However, this is just a morning munch so I need to keep it brief and to the point. Listen (or, I guess I should say read) this quote from a persecuted sister in a hostile country:

“Use your time, each second, for God’s glory. You have a big opportunity here [in the US] to talk about the gospel everywhere, even in restaurants, and no one will tell you to stop. This is a miracle, and I’m sure He will ask you what you did with it.”

So, brothers and sisters, what will we do with the miracle we have been given? What will we do with our time and freedom? We will be held accountable for it, so may we, as our sister said, use every second for God’s glory and the exaltation and honor of His beloved Son, through whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

May we be so consumed with His fame that we are willing to go.

May we value Christ’s sacrifice so highly we will go.

May we be gripped with the reality that to live is Christ and to die is gain so that we will go.

May we go to the next table, go to the man on the corner, go to the lady at the grocery store or to the one God laid on our heart last month but we keep brushing off.

May we go to the nations, to the unreached and unengaged, to the ones who have never heard of the One who bore their griefs and sorrows, the One who carried their shame.

May we go to our family and friends, our classmates and teachers, and confess to them that Jesus Christ is Lord while seeking their reconciliation to Him.

May we be a generation who unashamedly and uncompromisingly goes.


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