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Monday Morning Munch No. 64 – Don’t look there


God, You are the fullness of my heart.
You are the One who sees the inner workings of my soul and love me the same.
You are the One who will never leave or forsake me.
Who loves without measure.
Who understands perfectly.
Who sympathizes with my weaknesses.
Who joyfully embraces my imperfection (because that’s where Your glory is more fully shown).
Who died to make me Your eternal bride.

I realize these could sound like arrogant statements, but I say them because (they are the truth and) I’m asking myself why I should ever look for those things to come from a flawed human being?

Psalm 16 says the sorrows of those who run after another god multiply.

Maybe our sorrows multiply because we run after other gods (performance, a relationship, acceptance) in order for them to satisfy something in us that only God can.

He’s there, holding out approval for us as well as worth, beauty, hope, security, validation, complete forgiveness, understanding, joy and redeeming love, yet we run after ones who can give us only shadows and imitations of the real thing.

Those shadows will cause us sorrow upon sorrow because they weren’t meant to be the end all, but the means to cause us to see our need for Jesus.

So don’t look there–at other humans–to give you some sort of value and worth. Look to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of salvation, for the meaning and purpose He has for your life. And He definitely has a purpose for you. One that exceeds your greatest dreams and imaginings.

He is good. He is enough. Look to Him.

One comment on “Monday Morning Munch No. 64 – Don’t look there

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