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From My Journal

May 20, 2013

There are days like yesterday where God allows me a clearer, unemotional glimpse of truth. Well, I should say a clearer glimpse of truth unclouded by my own wayward emotions.

Then there are days like today where I wake up, something happens and then my emotions react and are so distracting I sit up and slap the mattress.

Now back to square one: recognizing and believing that God’s truth from yesterday didn’t change just because today’s circumstances did.

So, as I sit in bed, sip coffee and prepare my heart to get into the Word, I long for God to grab my heart and eyes and force them on Himself and his beauty. But sometimes He doesn’t do that.

Sometimes, like now, it becomes painfully obvious that it’s my choice to either look at the circumstances or to the sovereign and righteous Ruler who is worthy of my complete and full attention.

Oh God, be Thou my vision.

I don’t want to see anything or anyone but You. I long for a deeper glimpse of Your heart and I consciously choose to look away from a human and human situations and fix my gaze on the heavenly and the eternal. But I need Your grace and help even to do that. Help me to see You for who You really are.


Capture and captivate my heart, God, and strengthen my resolve so I will not chase lesser pleasures when I could have You–the ultimate satisfier. 

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