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What Jesus Demands from the World – Always Pray and Never Give Up

The following six quotes are from John Piper’s What Jesus Demands from the World, available for free download here

May they lead us to a deeper view of God’s heart and a greater understanding of the staggering and spectacular gift called prayer. 


“Prayer glorifies God because it puts us in the position of the thirsty and God in the position of the all-supplying fountain.”

“Prayer is designed as a way of relating to God, so that it is clear we get the help and He gets the glory.”

“Everything [Jesus] taught us was aimed to free us from eternal-joy-killers and fill us with the only joy that lasts–joy in God.”

“Will a father give a son a stone if he asks him for bread? No. But neither will he give him bread if it’s moldy. He may give him cake. Sometimes God’s answers will overwhelm us with their excess. Other times they taste more like medicine than food and will test our faith that this medicine is really what we need.”

“The implication for prayer is: treasure God, and all that He will be for you, in prayer; but do not treasure the praise of man. And most of all do not turn a God-treasuring act of prayer into a man-treasuring act of hypocrisy.”

“Prayer has nothing to do with deserving. It’s all mercy. We pray for ourselves because we are weak.”

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