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Ambitions, goals and dreams

We all have them in one form or another. We all aspire to be someone or something, musicians, athletes, doctors, preachers, teachers, the list goes on. 

Perhaps God is using your life goals to plant in you the desire to carry out something for His glory completely beyond your wildest imaginings.

Dream with me for a bit…

[This list, made for my True Beauty girls, is by no means exhaustive but maybe, just maybe God will use it to broaden horizons and reveal to you how much He loves you and wants to use you in part of His redemptive work among the nations.]

doctors without bordersWhat if God planted the desire of being a doctor in your heart not so you could make a six-figure income and live a comfortable life, but to deny yourself the right to comfort and to instead lay your life down for those remote villages in third world countries who have no medical access?

What if God planted the desire of being a lawyer in your heart not so you could be in the spotlight of all the high-profile cases in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, but so you could defend the justice of the forsaken, the widowed, the orphaned, the ones who as of yet have no voice?

What if God planted the desire to be a writer in your heart not so you could write about sports and athletes for the rest of your life but so you could proclaim His excellent greatness through an interactive magazine that goes to the nations, even the nations where Christianity and God’s Truth is banned and illegal?

147 million orphans...

147 million orphans…

What if God planted the desire to be a wife and a mom in your heart not so you could go through the routine and motions of being a housewife for years and years but so you would have the compassion and love it takes to take in foster kids or orphans and extend to them unconditional love?

What if God planted the desire to be an athlete and sports great in your heart not to stimulate your ego and make you a celebrity but so you could use your enormous platform to share with the world the source of your strength and stamina while being a light in the darkness and sharing with teammates and competitors alike that you run and work not for a perishable prize, but for an imperishable treasure that will never fade?

What if God planted the love of cooking in your heart not so you could prepare elaborate meals for guests, but so you could feed empty stomachs while extending life-changing truth that will feed their souls for eternity?

What if God planted the desire to teach in your heart not so you could simply stuff information into students but so you could inspire kids with or without the opportunity of a civilized school to love learning for the rest of their lives while pouring into them the knowledge of the Real Truth?

clean waterWhat if God planted the desire to be an engineer in your heart not just to boast in your intelligence and get and maintain a stable job but so you could design a water irrigation system that can work without electricity in third world countries so clean water could be provided to the thirsty while you share with them the Living Water?

The title of the following (excellent) John Piper video is “Challenge to Young People,” but I challenge every person, young or old, to watch it. It’s kind of funny at times and FULL of truth. So solid.

Do you have a holy ambition?

2 comments on “Ambitions, goals and dreams

  1. paul rikel says:

    Sophie, you so get it. This is the very heart of fulfilling the great commission.

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