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Religion and Politics

I’ve never been a fan of politics, mostly because I’ve believed them to be over my head. Because of that belief I’ve never really attempted to understand them. However, I watched the last 40 or so minutes of the debate and became more excited about the political proceedings. I was also thankful moderator and ABC News’ senior foreign affairs correspondant Martha Raddatz asked the question about faith and abortion. 

These are two catholic VP nominees, a historic happening, who stand on two different sides of the abortion issue. If you need a refresher course on what Vice President Biden and Congressman Ryan said, here is a link to the video from Fox News along with comments from two different women (plus the reporter) on the issue:

Vice President Biden said that while he personally holds the same belief as the Catholic church–that life begins at conception–he would not impose his beliefs on any other Christian, Muslim or Jew. 

I realize some people loved that comment. They think it’s great that he has an open mind and will let other people believe what they want. 

But if his “Christianity” isn’t worth everyone having or believing in, then is it worth having at all?

In my opinion, if you’ve experienced something great or awesome the automatic reflex is a desire for everyone to experience it, too. Joy, if it is real joy, must be shared. 

Furthermore, if Joe Biden believes life begins at conception yet condones (and actually encourages in some instances) abortion, wouldn’t that make him an accomplice to murder? After all, he’s encouraging the taking of a life he believes is there.

The Catholic church (as brought out in the above video) blasted Biden for not keeping in line with the church’s Pro-Life policies. On the same hand, however, they also chastised Ryan and Romney for believing abortion to be OK in the situations of rape, incest and life of the mother, as the Catholic church is against abortion even in those situations.

So many thoughts after one question. 

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