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Monday Morning Munch No. 7 – Why do bad things happen?

It’s a constant question, “Why does God let bad things happen to good people?”

First, I would ask you to define ‘good.’

Then you would most likely stumble over an answer and maybe even rephrase the question to say, “Why does God allow so much evil in the world?”

Either way you’re asking the wrong question.

Why doesn’t God allow us to experience all of His wrath like we deserve?

There is none good, none (Romans 3:10). We have all fallen from God and are completely wicked.

Therefore, if God removed all the evil in the world He would have to remove us to, because when you eliminate the bad things where do you stop? Murders, rapes, lying, cheating or bad thoughts? They’re all bad, so if He eliminated those we’d have to go too.

We constantly ask self-centered questions that are phrased in such a way that look deep, philosophical and sometimes even theological when really we just want to know why we’re feeling pain.

Then we want to blame it on someone, and who better but God who is in control of all things?

Ahh, but the majority of Americans, even professing Christians, want a God who will only give them what they want, fix their problems and set them on a course of smooth sailing all the way to the pearly gates.

But God is too good for that.

He designs situations to come in our lives that show us we are not all that we think we are. We are finite, breakable creatures who suffer under the divine sovereignty of a good and holy God. Why? So we will realize He is great and we are not. He is perfect and we are sinners. We are needy and He is the fixer.

God shows us our fragile state and helplessness so that we finally recognize our need for Him.

He knows our inability to come to Him on our own, so He came to us. He did what we could not do: live perfectly. Then Jesus, God in flesh, died our death. He took all of God’s wrath on the cross, then rose from the dead three days later finishing the impossible task and conquering over death, hell, sin and Satan.

He doesn’t stop there.

God then ordains situations and circumstances to bring us to the end of ourselves so we realize how finite we are and how we need an infinite God. In His breathtakingly beautiful mercy, God saves all who repent and turn from their sins, who surrenders their life into His hands and call on Him in humility and brokenness (Psalm 51:17).

So bad things do happen, pain comes in like a flood and it seems like we can’t do anything to fix the situation- praise God! In His mercy He’s showing your need of someone bigger than you- Him.

Therefore we can say with great hope, that God will never do anything that is not for our ultimate good and His ultimate glory.

Turn to Him. Turn away from your sin and let God take your life. He makes the painful times make sense and the happy times full of joy inexpressible.

“Our vision is so limited we can hardly imagine a love that does not show itself in protection from suffering. The love of God is of a different nature altogether. It does not hate tragedy. It never denies reality. It stands in the very teeth of suffering. The love of God did not protect His own Son. That was the proof of His love – that He gave that Son, that He let Him go to Calvary’s cross, though “legions of angels” might have rescued Him. He will not necessarily protect us- not from anything it takes to make us like His Son. A lot of hammering and chiseling and purifying by fire will have to go into the process.” -Elisabeth Elliot

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2 comments on “Monday Morning Munch No. 7 – Why do bad things happen?

  1. Whitt says:

    I would also like to add this free pdf book by John Piper – Suffering and the Sovereignty of God.

  2. Sophie says:

    Yes. That's awesome. Thank you, Whitty.

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