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What I Believe

I’m reading missionary Amy Carmichael’s biography, “A Chance to Die: the life and legacy of Amy Carmichael”by Elisabeth Elliot and it is so good. God is teaching me so much through it already.
In particular, Elliot laid out Carmichael’s beliefs, which were written in 1890 by Bishop Handley Moule regarding the Keswick Convention in the 1800s and her beliefs so echo mine that I felt compelled to share.

“Keswick stands for the great and eternal truths, some of which, so to speak, it takes for granted but never forgets: the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ… His death for us upon the Cross: Keswick is firm as a rock upon the sacrifice of the death of Christ, and the benefit of pardon, utterly unmerited by us, which we have because Jesus died.”

Sanctification was a great key in both Carmichael and Keswick and as I seek to pursue holiness with everything in me, this too resonates in my heart:

“To be like Christ. To displace self from the inner throne, and to enthrone Him; to make not the slightest compromise with the smallest sin. We aim at nothing less than to walk with God all day long, to abide every hour in Christ and He and His words in us, to love God with all the heart and our neighbor as ourselves… It is possible to cast every care on Him daily, and to be at peace amidst pressure, to see the will of God in everything, to put away allbitterness and clamor and evil speaking, daily and hourly. It is possible by unreserved resort to divine power under divine conditions to become strongest through and through at our weakest point.”

This is what I believe and stand for. 

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