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Uh… what’s that in your eye?!

Confession time…

*Deep breath* Here it goes:

I am extremely judgemental.
I place expectations on myself and others that no one will be able to attain.
Sometimes I find it easier to love people outside the church. Lost people. At least they have a reason for acting like a sinner.

We are to be set apart from the world and be different but we are still fallen creatures who will only be perfected upon arrival in heaven, yet I judge others as if they’ve already attained perfection.

Forgive me Lord for casting judgement on others. For pointing out the speck in their eyes while I have a log in my own. Help me to love them the way You love them, unconditionally and seeking nothing in return. We are the Body, an organism knit together by You, our High Priest, and as a member of that Body I am called to love and serve others the way You have loved and served me despite my complete and total undeservingness (and extremely long sentences).

*Sidenote- if you thought undeservingness was a new word, you were right. Fortunately, God doesn’t mind new words.

I’m not trying to play off the seriousness of my sin, but this cartoon is perfect and super humbling. I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Sophie and I have a tree in my eye.

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