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Summer Documentation: Part Three

So this summer has flown by. This is only my third blog and we only have 25 days until we get back home. Crazy!

Lots of things have happened since the last time I wrote- We’ve been to six different states, set up at a bazillion different tournaments, made oodles of kids smile (and, consequently, lots of parents broke), and had lots of fun. I went to the ER for the first time- heat exaustion is no fun and IVs aren’t as bad as I expected (it still hurt though). I’m so thankful for being placed on Ethan’s team and for him making me take it easy and taking care of me when I didn’t know what was best for myself. It showed me a lot about God’s sovereignty- When I thought I was okay and fully capable of continuing as always, Ethan knew better. He didn’t give in to my pleas (more like whines) to continue working, but made me rest and reccuperate, wanting the best for me when I didn’t even know what that was. That’s a lot like God- He always knows what’s best but sometimes we try to do it our way and end up making things worse and hurting ourselves in the process. A good lesson to learn but I don’t recommend going to the ER for it.

We’re down from eight people on our team to seven, Lizzy went home and Ben is leaving for home this weekend. It’s going to get harder without them but we’ll make it happen- we always do. We really do have the best team, and I’m so thankful I was placed here with them.

We drove from Myrtle Beach, SC (probably my favorite stop so far) to Richmond, Virginia last night and arrived here about 2 am. Thankfully this is an off day, so we slept in until 1 pm. I finished all of summer classes today which calls for a big sigh of relief but also a big ol’ groan since I probably failed miserably in chemistry- hardest class ever.

I’ve had an amazing time this summer, and while it hasn’t been easy it’s been a huge learning experience and I’m without a doubt a much stronger person than when we started two months ago. I miss home cooking, church, my family and friends, and shooting. My bed, my shower, and Camillia and Eric only being two miles up the road, but I know in 26 days I’m going to miss the East tour of the Baseball Youth Roadtrip Fanfest, palm trees (I already miss them and I’ve only been away for 24 hours), experiencing new things in new places, and taking care of people.

Thank you for your emails, texts, calls and love. Please keep praying for us!

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