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Heart Burn

I really want to experience heart burn.

Not the acid reflux kind, but the kind where God, the consuming fire, lights up my heart with a burning desire to live out what I say I believe. I want my life to reflect the Son and show His magnitude and majesty, after all I am a living, breathing example of His grace and unfailing love. As are you if you’ve been changed from the inside out. So, I’m praying for heart burn. If I want the world to be on fire for God then I first must be lit by the Light of Love. I want to make the Consuming Fire famous. How about you? What/who are you making famous?

God, set my heart ablaze with a passion for Your name,
I want to go to the world and spread Your fame.
The hurting, the broken, the unloved,
I want to love them the way You love me,
Unconditionally, no exceptions, no fine print,
Just love unashamed.
But first, set my heart on fire for Your name.

2 comments on “Heart Burn

  1. bethedomino says:

    reminds me of the song by Chuck Hooten called My Desire: This is my desireWould you burn me with your fireI want to be like You areI want to be where You are

  2. leenewton says:

    This is great, I feel the exact same way. Awesome post.

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